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Teacher's Notes

Explore the value of goods in a bartering system

Consider what you think each item is worth.
Write down what you would give for each item under "Your own value".
Under "Comments" write down any questions that you might want to ask or thoughts that might help you to decide on the appropriate swap.
Your own valueGroup valueComments

A football

A DVDA set of pensWhat condition is the football in?


A set of pens

A computer game


A video

A coat

Getting someone to make a friendship bracelet

Getting someone to draw you a picture

Borrowing a CD

Borrowing a bike

In small groups compare your results and decide on an agreed value for each item. Write your agreed value for each item in the “Group Value” column.
During your discussion one person from each group should write down how decisions were made and make a note of any disagreements and agreements.
Feedback to the class on the advantages and disadvantages of this system.
Now play the bartering game.