Their Lives Beneath Our Feet
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Avonmouth and Shirehampton All Our Stories

During 2013 MILL have been working with the community in Avonmouth and Shirehampton exploring the World War I heritage of the area. This Heritage Lottery funded project has involved a variety of events to help raise the awareness of this important history.

Shirehampton community event

The first event was held at Shirehampton Public Hall on March 17th. Many people came along with their own connections to the Shirehampton Remount Depot; people whose family members had been stationed there, gardeners who had found horse shoes because their house now stands in an area of the stables and those that simply had a general interest in this era.

We created a small display about the World War I history of the area for the event. You can view a pdf of this material here.

We recorded people's stories and photographed their archive material so that we can create a World War I layer for Know Your Place.

Their Lives Beneath Our Feet

We worked with Year 6 at Avonmouth Primary School and Bristol Old Vic to create a play about the war horses of Shirehampton. Their Lives Beneath Our Feet was based on letters that were sent from the remount depot by Charlie Day who was stationed there in 1916. This play, including the poetry and music was all created by the Year 6 pupils to demonstrate their learning about the World War I heritage literally, beneath their feet. This roaming play was performed on the site of the remount depot to pupils, family, friends and members of the local community in two performances on July 12th.

The theatre programme produced for the play from the pupils' work and photographs of the performance are available from the links to the left.

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