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Victorian Bristol

These pages have been prepared by Myers-Insole Local Learning C.I.C. for St Michael on the Mount Primary School to be used in conjunction with their existing scheme of work.

This is an online, child centred, interactive resource that intends to help children learn about their local heritage. Where possible, this resource is based on local sites making history relevant and accessible.

Each page contains interactive activities and background information that permit children of all levels of attainment to work towards becoming independent learners.

Each section makes explicit the learning objectives and provides separate notes for teachers that offer hints for the given activities and suggestions for further activities. These notes also indicate parts of the resource that offer opportunities for extension.

All links are shown in a blue font and in addition every image on these pages can be clicked for further information that will appear in a separate pop-up window. This additional information will usually include links to external internet sites. We have included these links to provide further help and information relevant to the topics. Children could be encouraged to make note of the weblinks that they use allowing them to be able to refer back to these sites for research purposes.
Myers-Insole Local Learning CIC is in no way responsible for the content of these internet pages and St Michael on the Mount Primary School use these sites at their own risk.

Please make sure to close each pop-up window after you've used the information as it is not possible to open multiple windows from within this resource.

All the images on these pages, except where indicated, are used courtesy of and are copyright
Bristol's Museums, Galleries & Archives 2006.