Love on the Mead

Love on the Mead promotional poster

1,2,3…1,2,3…Will Mark Meaders ever learn to waltz?

Where did Vera Meadows get that hat?

And why is Carol breaking and entering the Reception in her wedding finery?

Thanks to funding from Arts Council England and Bristol City Council we were delighted to work again with partners, Southmead Development Trust and Bristol Old Vic Theatre Company on a third episode of Southmead’s own community soap opera, Meadows to Meaders that tells the true stories of those who have lived, worked and grown up here. We wrote the script together, building on the wonderful characters and script created originally by Bea Roberts.

The cast regularly came together and shared stories of their own or explore ones we have collected from local residents and as everyone is talking and laughing over old times, a narrative emerged and our script took shape.

We are grateful to St Monica Trust Winter Support Fund for helping the cast stay connected as we moved to a virtual platform during the pandemic, so that all participants could continue to contribute and play an equal role in shaping how we share our stories.

Meadows to Meaders 3: Love on the Mead was set in the 1970s, but popped back to visit 1940s and 1950s Southmead to hang out with American GIs, practice our cha-cha-chas at Gloria’s School of Dance and enjoy a bit of friendly football rivalry between Rovers and City.

This time around there was a wedding on the estate and Bertel Martin worked with the community to co-curate an accompanying exhibition celebrating weddings and romances from all the cultures that make Southmead what it is today.

Ticket prices for the performance included a slice of wedding cake courtesy of the fabulous Travelling Kitchen.

The cast of Meadows to Meaders 3 have been sharing their stories about 1970s Southmead,

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