Washing in the Well

Local Learning and Rowan Associates are delighted to have been jointly appointed to co-deliver a Heritage Lottery Funded community project exploring the fascinating history of Jacob’s Wells Baths.

Working with Jacob’s Wells Community Hub we have created a booklet telling some of the histories and mysteries of the well.

Booklet (pdf)

The Victorian baths were built at a time when very few people were fortunate enough to have running water in their households, a time when locals didn’t appreciate the risks they were taking swimming in the dirty docks, a time when the whole family would have to take turns washing in a tin bath, in ever murkier water.

Some of these experiences continued into the 20th century within living memory…hear some of the stories below.

Stories were recorded by Barbara Cowell, Judy Goldsmith, Tot Foster and Lori Streich and edited by multi-media producer Tot Foster. A special thank you to those who shared their memories of Jacob’s Wells Baths.

Transcripts PDFs

Class and context

The warm baths


NOT swimming

Since closure