Living Memory

Through a small grant from Historic England’s Heritage Schools programme, we had two lovely afternoon events at St Michael on the Mount and St George’s primary schools.

Parents, grandparents and members from the local community shared their memories and memorabilia about the Baths and growing up on Jacob’s Wells Road and the surrounding area; stories of saggy, soggy knitted swimwear, the anachronistic sign on Brandon Hill pointing the way for carpet beating only on set days of the week and luxuriating in a hot bath with soap and towel provided.

Some of these experiences continued into the 20th century within living memory…hear some of the stories below.

Stories were recorded by Barbara Cowell, Judy Goldsmith, Tot Foster and Lori Streich and edited by multi-media producer Tot Foster. A special thank you to those who shared their memories of Jacob’s Wells Baths.

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Class and context

The warm baths


NOT swimming

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