Our Philosophy

We seek to create educational resources and projects that;

  • promote an understanding and appreciation of Bristol’s heritage and culture, will benefit students’ learning in accordance with school/ college curricula and education policies
  • ensure learning can be easily disseminated to the wider community
  • facilitate teaching by providing relevant resources that focus on the development of English, Maths and core skills
  • encourage an enjoyment in learning and wherever possible, use a local area’s sites, monuments and relevant digital data as learning resources

We have worked closely with a variety of schools, colleges and the wider community using heritage as a vehicle to promote literacy skills, enhance existing schemes of work and create a more cohesive community.

We feel that it is important to work with all members of staff, building on their existing knowledge and expertise to ensure that each individual teacher has the necessary skills to embed the ideas we promote into their own teaching. We recognise the value of the skills that staff already possess, but that many are often unfamiliar with the locality of the school.

We strive to create stronger links within neighbourhoods, for schools and communities to work together, in partnership. We believe that the school is an effective platform from which to reach the wider community. Our activities should engage parents, carers and staff, but through these groups we endeavour to reach beyond the classroom to grandparents, friends and further afield. All our projects have an element of community engagement. We actively encourage parental involvement and through our community learning foster a co-production process in which the participants take an active role in determining the outcomes.

We aim to provide the necessary support and skills to ensure that our projects are sustainable and can continue to be delivered independently from us in subsequent years.