Meadows to Meaders 5

Fab Living on the Mead

Why does Edgar need a clean white sheet?

What’s Iris doing with all those American soldiers’ uniforms?

Has Rose been securing extra rations on the black market?

And what’s Bob’s wardrobe doing in Ruby’s front garden?

Southmead’s very own community soap opera is back! Continuing our tradition of telling the true stories from people who have lived, worked and grown up in Southmead, Meadows to Meaders 5: Fab Living on the Mead will be exploring Badocks Wood and taking a peek inside the prefabs built as emergency housing just after the Second World War.

Photograph © Paul Blakemore, Meadows to Meaders 2017

Our amazing cast, fresh from performing in Orpheus and Eurydice on Bristol Old Vic’s main stage for 3 nights of packed auditoriums and standing ovations are returning to Southmead to provide a glimpse into the past.

Always up for an adventure, this time our cast will be performing outdoors in Badocks Wood with the Tump as our stage, building dens on the site of the Bowness Gardens post-war pre fabs, recalling the lost village of Charlton and makeshift wartime kids’ cinema.

Photograph © Julian Lea Jones courtesy of  Friends of Badocks Wood Bowness Gardens prefabs

Anyone got a spare wardrobe?

Without giving too much away, we also need to source a large freestanding wardrobe – perhaps you know of someone who has one that is taking up too much room in their house, or have one that is a bit worse for wear and would be happy for us to take it off your hands. If you have any ideas then do please get in touch with Ruth at or leave her a message at Reception at the Greenway.

Our director, Craig Edwards will again be adding some musical magic to our show and if you like to sing, we would love to hear from you.

Save the date

Bring your cushions, blankets and camping chairs to Badocks Wood on Saturday 18th May for Meadows to Meaders 5: Fab Living on the Mead.

Tickets will be available soon from the Greenway for the matinee (with British Sign Language interpretation) or the later performance.

Get in touch

If you have stories to share or would like to get involved we would love to hear from you.

Email or visit to find out more.

Or leave a message for the attention of Ruth Myers with Reception at

The Greenway Centre,

Doncaster Rd,

Bristol, BS10 5PY