Meadows to Meaders Cookery

We are looking for Southmead residents to explore some tastes from the past.

Would you like to join us in cooking some authentic 1930s recipes with students from Orchard Secondary School in November?

If you would like to get cooking, talk about your food memories or share some recipes with us please contact Sarah or Clare at

We’d love to hear your food stories:

  • What did you or your parents or grandparents eat in the 1930s and does your family still enjoy some of these dishes today?
  • Where did you and other people in Southmead get their food from in days gone by? What were your favourite food shops?
  • What were your family food rituals? Was it always fish on Fridays?
  • Are manners around the table different today?
  • Do you know how your grandparents or parents cooked and what appliances were available to them?
  • What appliances and equipment make your life in the kitchen easier today?

“My favourite meal was a good cooked breakfast that my mum made everyday before school”

“I always loved lamb chops with veg and at Christmas we looked forward to chicken – the only time of year we had it”

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