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Thanks to generous funding from the Arts Council, Heritage Lottery, Historic England and Quartet Community Foundation, #Fourteen we have an exciting opportunity to work with the people of Southmead and students from Fonthill Primary School and Orchard Secondary School to discover the stories of the original 1930s residents.

From September 2016 to July 2017 we will be working with:

  • Bristol University and innovative film and media production company, Calling the Shots to create a documentary that captures the history of the neighbourhood and the houses in which you grew up.
  • Inspirational cookery company, Travelling Kitchen to cook meals together and see what we can learn from recipes from the 1930s about healthy eating today. Further details here.
  • Bristol Old Vic theatre to produce a ‘soap opera’ about the beginnings of Southmead that will be performed by you, live in the streets in July 2017. Further details here.
  • Multi-media producer, Tot Foster to create an exhibition based on objects that you provide that reveal something about Southmead’s history.

If you would like to find out more or get involved with any of the free project activities, please contact Ruth Myers or leave a message in the SCART shop on Greystoke Avenue.

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