Meadows to Meaders

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Community Research

Meadows to Meaders began with a series of community research workshops at a launch event on Ascot Road, a visit to the Bristol Archives and at the 50+ Forum. This page presents a gallery of images that were collected at these events.


Many people’s memories were collected by Tot Foster of Wildman and Herring. These have been collected together as a series of audio records on this page.

Stories of Southmead

Using all the material that was collected during the project a booklet was produced with members of the Southmead community through a series of writing workshops. This booklet is available for free from several venues in the neighbourhood and includes recipes collected by Travelling Kitchen.

Soap Opera

The community performance of the Meadows to Meaders soap opera on Ascot Road in July 2017 was the culmination of months of work with the Bristol Old Vic Engagement Team. A gallery of photos taken by Paul Blakemore at the event are available to view on this page.

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