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White City in Minecraft at Ashton Gate Primary
Myers-Insole Local Learning Community Interest Company

Exploring our local heritage with all members of the community, to uncover and share what we learn about our past.


IMAGINING SOUTHMEAD – FREE EXHIBITION WORKSHOP in collaboration with Journey to Justice

17th October 2017, 13:30 – 15:00

Class 4C, Pen Pole School with their Southmead model, 1948/9. Photo donated by Dr Mike Peirce

70 years ago, when Southmead was only half built and the Welfare State was newly born, a group of schoolboys created a vision of a perfect place to live.

Students from Orchard Secondary School and local residents have been exploring themes identified soon after WW2 about what people considered was needed for a fairer society then and what is needed today.  You are invited to come and share your thoughts and add to the idea of what makes for an ideal community.

Southmead as Class 4C, (1948) Pen Pole School, would have planned it

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For more information and to book email ruth@locallearning.org.uk


Inter-generational event with Bristol-Hannover alumni sharing experiences at Fairfield School

Arts Council and Heritage Lottery funding is secured to help celebrate 70 years of friendship, since Bristol children first sent shoes to poverty stricken Hannover in 1947, who in return ‘paid’ through music and songs.



A full house for Meadows to Meaders, Ascot Road, July 2nd 2017

Following the community’s successful performance of the Meadows to Meaders soap opera, the accompanying exhibition of Southmead objects will now be on show at Southmead Library over the summer.

You can hear the associated stories on our Memories page.


White City in Minecraft

Let Year 5 at Ashton Gate Primary School give you a guided tour of the 1914 International Exhibition, (known locally as White City) that they have recreated in Minecraft.



Castle Park

St Barnabas CEVC Primary recreate the Bolingbroke Rebellion of 1399 at Bristol Castle in Minecraft.