Meadows to Meaders 2

A New Direction
Meadows to Meaders, 2017, photo copyright Paul Blakemore

Will Rose Meadows have enough rations to make Edgar’s favourite pie?

Will Norma Meader be able to get to the doctor’s in her lunch break?

And why is Iris throwing her husband’s trousers out of the window, before she’s even ironed the other leg?

These questions were answered at the Greenway Centre on Saturday, March 30th when the audience had a second opportunity to meet the Meadows and the Meaders; two fictional families who were in Southmead from the beginning.

Back by popular demand, and made possible by funding from Bristol City Council and Team Southmead, the many fascinating stories provided by you were woven by local residents into this second episode of the Meadows to Meaders Community Soap Opera directed by Craig Edwards.

People of Southmead performed real events from the 1930s to the 1960s, live at The Greenway at 12 noon and 2.30pm.

The Fowlers talk about their Meadows to Meaders experience after the performance of the second episode and what it means to be part of this Southmead community soap opera.

Read all about the second episode in this special edition of The Mead

And there’s more:

  • Listen to some of the stories we have collected that reveal another part of Southmead’s history and hear recollections of cows being herded along Ascot Road, memories of the first Teddy boys and one of the area’s longest serving residents remembering how she tricked an Air Raid Warden into a spot of gardening.
  • Watch films capturing memories of the early years of Fonthill Road School, the Baptist Church Youth Club and that take a peek inside some of the first houses to be built in Southmead.
  • Go behind the scenes and see how Meadows to Meaders evolved, with interviews with the stars and choice extracts from the very first episode of everyone’s favourite Southmead soap (below).

Check out for updates or contact Ruth Myers on

In addition to the documentary that tells the story of the project we have also created a report that includes images and quotes from participants and audience that you can download as a pdf here.

Project menu (click the images below)

Community Research

Meadows to Meaders began with a series of community research workshops at a launch event on Ascot Road, a visit to the Bristol Archives and at the 50+ Forum. This page presents a gallery of images that were collected at these events.


We collected many memories throughout the project that led to four films made by Calling the Shots and pupils from Orchard Secondary School and a series of audio recordings made by Tot Foster of Wildman and Herring.

Stories of Southmead

Using all the material that was collected during the project a booklet was produced with members of the Southmead community through a series of writing workshops. This booklet is available for free from several venues in the neighbourhood and includes recipes collected by Travelling Kitchen.

Soap Opera

The community performance of the Meadows to Meaders soap opera on Ascot Road in July 2017 was the culmination of months of work with the Bristol Old Vic Engagement Team. A gallery of photos taken by Paul Blakemore at the event are available to view on this page.

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